One Shot: Sophie

Blue sky don’t cry, white clouds stay around. The grass busts with a beautiful emerald pastel color and compliments the softly swaying, singing leaves in the slender trees. The bees will buzz just because, but I’ll still be waiting for you. A red and white checkered blanket spreads under somebody’s toned soft legs. A boy is sitting across from the toned soft legs. He is twirling the figure with the toned soft legs shining chocolaty waves of hair, slightly feathering in the breeze. The boy has flipped and twisted gold hair, curling into perfect places on his head and staying there, locked. And so are his eyes. They are locked on the figure with the chocolaty waves feathering in the breeze. His eyes are a foggy green with brown speckles. He is the boy anybody would either adore, or envy. The boy’s dark lips are curled into a toothy beaming smile. A heartwarming laugh escapes the figure with the chocolaty waves and the toned soft legs. The heartwarming laugh seems to echo, and soar up into the sky. The figure looks back at the boy. He is gone. The red and white checkered blanket under her toned soft legs is gone. And then the toned soft legs are gone too. The sky begins to disintegrate. All that’s left is the heartwarming laugh, echoing through empty space.

Tim’s POV:
“Oh my gosh Tim stop!”
“Why babe you know you love it!” I teased.
“What are you talking about?? I hate it when you tickle me its my flipping weak spot!” The girl named Sophie with the chocolaty wavy hair I have always adored tried to explain between outbursts of laughter. “No seriously Tim, stop.” Her bright blue eyes became wide. I loved those eyes. They perfectly matched the sky.
“Okay okay.” I pouted. She pulled out of my grasp and wrapped her arms protectively around her chest. The red and white checkered blanket felt comforting underneath my bare feet. I looked back at her. Her back was turned to me and she was examining the wooden Welcome to Albany sign surrounded by bright purple, pink, and yellow flowers a few feet away from where we were sitting. “C’mon Soph I’ll take you home.” I started to stand up.
“I can manage myself thank you very much.” She mumbled. I bent down and kissed the top of her head, then I walked away.
Blue sky don’t cry, white clouds stay around. The bees will buzz just because, but I’ll still be waiting for you.

Niall’s POV:
“My scrambled eggs are bloody cold God damnit! Aaaaaannnnnneeeeee!!!!
“Why in God’s name are you shouting for my mum Louis?!?!”
“Well err…your mum’s fit, Harry. Get over it.” I heard a loud smack and then Louis whining like an elephant. My eyes opened. I threw my covers off of my body and hopped down from the top bunk of the crammed tour bus beds. I heard the bus door open and close and then came a sweet voice.
“What can I do for you Louis?” I walked into the kitchen to find Harry and Louis sitting politely next to each other. Louis’ right cheek looked really pink.
“Can you do me the most wonderful favor and heat up my eggs in the microwave please?” Louis exclaimed with a cheeky grin and a quick wink. Harry was gripping the knife he was using to cut his sausage so tight that his knuckles were turning a ghostly white.
“I’d love to, dear.” Anne pleasantly smiled, sliding the plate with Louis’ eggs into the microwave. “Good morning, Niall,” she chirped while her back was turned to me, “or should I say good afternoon!” Harry’s mum is fit. I thought.
“Dude it’s like four o’clock in the afternoon. How are you just waking up now?” Harry interrupting my thoughts, noticing my eyes on his mum.
“Yeah Niall you’ve been doing this a lot lately.” Louis said, now shoving warm eggs into his mouth, looking quite pleased.
“Doing what?” I asked innocently.
“Like sleeping in late. Is everything okay?” Now everybody’s eyes were on me, waiting for a reply.
“Yeah I-“
“HAH! In your dreams you beat me, Zayn. I am Pokémon king!” Liam shouted back into the game room as he stumbled into the kitchen and began to rummage through cupboards, looking for a snack.
“GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!” Zayn’s muffled voice seeped through the door of the game room into the kitchen where now Anne, Harry, Louis, Liam, and myself stood.
“Wow. This is how you boys spend your days off.” Anne teasingly chuckled and headed out the door. I was relieved when Harry and Liam started discussing whether Tostitos or Doritos were better and completely forgot the previous awkward conversation. I used the opportunity to quietly slip into the game room before anybody could notice. There was Zayn on the gray leather booth leaning forward, looking very perplexed. Zayn always looked perplexed when he played Pokémon. He sucked at Pokémon.
“Sup Nialler?” Zayn spouted out, eyes still fixed on the screen. “You slept in really late again. Lemme guess, another one of those weird dreams?”
“Oh my gosh Zayn you wouldn’t believe this one!” I began, and I was not planning to stop. Zayn was the only one who would listen to me. “This time, the girl was at the park. It was beautiful. There was a boy there. He was good looking. He actually kinda looked like you.”
“Was he me?”
“No he wasn’t you. Now shut up and let me finish.”
“Did she say anything in this one? Did he say anything?”
“Well I always see the people’s lips moving, but I never hear what they’re saying. It’s like they’re on mute.”
“Is the girl hot?”
“Yes…well no…I don’t know. My dreams are from her perspective, what she sees. So unless she looks in a mirror, I can’t see her face.”
“So make her look in the mirror!”
“I can’t control her! I’m powerless. All I know is that she has these toned soft legs and this beautiful chocolate brown wavy hair.”
“You do like chocolate.”
“Yes, yes I know. But anyway, during the dream, there’s just this repeating whisper in the back of my head. I don’t know who it is or what it means.” I paused, taking in a deep breath of air. Zayn was silent, waiting for me to finish. “It was…ugh I can barely remember it…oh! I got it.” I began to recite, “Blue sky don’t cry…white clouds stay around, uhh…the bees will buzz just because…err…oh! But I’ll still be waiting for you. And you know how I said the whole thing was kind of on mute?”
“Yeah.” Now Pokémon was turned off and Zayn’s eyes were locked on me.
“Well it was on mute, until the end, the girl tilted her head up to the sky and let out a heartwarming laugh, and it echoed. And then everything just started to disappear until it was all black. And all I could hear was the girls laugh, and then that whispery voice came back and just kept saying that little “I’ll still be waiting for you” thingy again. And then Louis’ yelling woke me up.” Zayn just stared at me for a few moments.
“You really need to get that girl to look in the mirror and then you’ll find out if she’s hot or not.” I gave him a disgusted look, stood, and turned to walk out the door.
“Cool Zayn I thought you’d help me through this.”
“Wait Niall!” I turned my head to look at him. “Why haven’t you told any of the other boys?”
“Because I thought you’d be the one who would want to look out for me.” I shut the door in Zayn’s helpless face.

Sophie’s POV:
Sometimes I feel like somebody out there is watching me.
Tim’s POV:
“She’s an uhh 8.” I mumbled as a girl with straight blond hair with a really nice bum walked by. I chomped roughly on my gun and watched her disappear into the crowd of people on the sidewalk. I turned my head back to my best friend Luke across the small table outside our favorite pizza place. He didn’t say anything. We went way back, to like the diaper ages. He was always there for me, and I’d always be there for him.
“Who cares man? You have a girlfriend.” He spit.
“She’s not my girlfriend. You know how many times Sophie has hurt me, and yet I can’t stay away.” Luke made a low humming sound, showing approval of my answer and then he was silent again. I watched a pigeon eat some old guys hotdog bun.
“So there’s a party Wednesday. Adam’s cousin is in a band or something, I hear they’re pretty good, and hot. They’re called Vibe. You should go, everybody‘s gonna go. Sophie will probably go too.” I thought for a second.
“Yeah that sounds cool.” I responded. “I’ll go.”
“Alright sick. Meet me at my house at 9 okay? Then we’ll go together.” Luke gave me those orders as his phone buzzed quietly, and then he said he had to go and that he’d see me Wednesday. Then he walked away. I watched him disappear into the crowd of people on the sidewalk. Sophie.

Niall’s POV:
“Woooh yeah Albany!” Zayn cheerfully yelled as our tour bus passed a big sign saying Welcome to Albany, surrounded by bright pink, purple, and yellow flowers. It was Wednesday morning, and we had another day off. I had caught a bad fever from who knows where so I was tired out of my mind. For the whole day, all I did was drink tea, and yell at Louis to stop poking me. Now I was just looking out of our tour bus window. After we passed the big Welcome to Albany sign, I studied the beautiful park. The pastel emerald green grass, the swaying-almost singing leaves on the slender trees…and then something hit me…hit me so hard I felt as if I had just been shot in the head. My eyes darted back and forth all around the scene of the park.
“ZAYNNN!!!” I screamed so hard my head hurt.
“Whaaaaat?!” He screamed back.
“This…this is the…this is the park!” My lungs ached.
“What?” Zayn moaned, letting me know he was not in the mood for one of my jokes.
“The park in my dream! This is it! The girl! The girl, she..she lives here!” I panted. I felt my body getting tingly. My head started to feel light.
“Buddy…maybe you should get some sleep…you look-“ I heard a loud thud, and everything went black.

Luke’s POV:

“Hahahahaha dude shut the hell up my dad is gonna find us.” I whispered, highly amused.
“You know what Luke…that’s your name right? Yeah It’s your name…I know your name…Luke. You know what Luke? I don’t need Sophie anyway. She…gah she doesn’t deserve me. I am king…I am…I am King Esteban!” Tim babbled, sitting beside me in my basement, taking a swig of his 5th bottle of beer, and it was only 9:30pm. We had to be going to the party soon.
“I’m pretty sure your name is Tim, not Esteban you retard.”
“I’m no freaking retard, you retard.” He punched my arm with very improper aim, causing him to smash his knuckles and begin to curse.
“C’mon, we should go to the party…remember…Vibe? Sophie?” His face lit up and then turned into a scowl.
“Imma…imma show that girl…Sophie Shmophie Lophie Grophie. I don’t deserve the way she’s treated me.”
“What did she even do?” I was starting to get a bit annoyed with his chatter.
“I do-I don’t remem…bahhh!” And he was already stumbling out to the car in the dark silent night.

Blue sky don’t cry. The gray street pavement sparkles under the shimmering traffic lights. The restaurant signs glow over the seemingly millions of rows of entrances underneath. The figure looks down at her shiny black booties. The figure is skipping. She looks to the right to find a girl with eyes as dark and mysterious as coal, the girl has dark brown hair. She has milky white skin along with rosy rosy lips and cheeks. The girl’s rosy lips are moving fast, like she’s telling a long story. The figure is bobbing her head up and down, like she is nodding in agreement. White clouds stay around. Then the figures eyes turn away from the milky white skinned girl and up at a neon green glowing sign, saying The Frame. Under it is a small black and white sign, saying Tonight performing: Vibe. Then the figure looks down at her digital watch, showing 11:20 pm. Her hand reassuringly clutched the girl’s milky white hand and they gallop in through the door together. There are people everywhere. Dancing, Drinking. The figures eyes are darting back and forth, the different people, the different scenes. Then the figures eyes lock on someone. It’s the boy. The flipped and twisted gold hair curling into perfect places on his head, staying there, locked. Only now, his hair is more ruffled. His green and brown speckled eyes are soggy and drained. The figure stands still. The boy gets up from his bar stool, and slowly walks over to the figure, trying not to lose his balance. There is not a smile on his dark lips. His expression is blank. He stands there gazing into her eyes, but he looks like he isn’t even there. Like he left, went to some other dimension. Then in a quick striking movement, he grips her arm. His hand is so tight around her, there’s be no way she’s able to escape. The figure flicks her eyes around, nobody is looking at her, it’s like she’s invisible. Now she is being dragged into another room. The room is dark, the door shuts. It is all black. Nothing can be seen. The bees will buzz just because. Suddenly, a big object slams against the side of the figures face, causing to her head to jerk to the side, then it jerks back to the other side. There is a thud, the figure is laying on the ground now. There is a repulsive stinging in both of her cheeks. The figures vision has adjusted to the dark now. The boy is an inch away from her face, spitting out words that look like “whore” and “bitch”, his expression is unforgiving, and his eyes are burning with fury. The figure puts her hand out to her stinging cheek, then she gazes at her now blood covered fingers. There is an ear-piercing, breath-jerking scream, then everything disappears, just vanishes. But I’ll still be waiting for you.

Niall’s POV:
My eyes shot open. That terrible scream bounced off the walls around me. I felt my forehead. I was burning up. I reached for my pocket and fished out my phone. Just that action left me feeling like a million needles pierced into my body. I could tell my fever wasn’t gone. Everything was dark, and dead quiet. I tried to remember how I ended up asleep on the bed of a hotel room, but no matter how much I searched through my head, nothing came to mind. All I remember was the Welcome to Albany sign with the bright pink, purple, and yellow flowers. And then I remembered my dream, I remembered the neon green sign saying The Frame outside of the building the girl entered. Then I remembered the blood, and the scream. I tried to comfort myself by turning on my phone. The screen was so bright I had to squint my eyes for a second. I looked around the room. It looked like every other same hotel we stayed in the nights before our concerts. I dreaded the thought that tomorrow we had a concert in some Albany arena. My head hurt just thinking about it. My phone glowed. It showed 11:34 pm. All I could think about was my dream. I had this feeling like nothing right now would move on, like there’d be no tomorrow because of this girl, she was in trouble. I sat there for another moment. My body ached. Then I remembered the whispering voice. The last thing it said. The voice was still fresh in my mind. But I’ll still be waiting for you. I realized what I had to do. It wasn’t just a dream.

Sophie’s POV:
It was a nightmare. “You dirty whore!” He spat in my face. Then he smacked me again. I could feel the warm tears streaking down my bloody face. “You…you don’t know what you put me through, Sophie…making me wait…so long…I love you so much it hurts.” He began to sob. “But I know you don’t love me.” His emotions violently changed from sorrow back to seething anger. “And now I’m making you hurt as much as you made me!”
“You need help!” I tried to screech with the most confident voice I had left in myself. I just couldn’t do it.
“You little bitch!” He boomed, and swung his foot into my stomach, leaving me curled up in a fetal position. This was it. Nobody knew I was here. I was lost. I was going to die. I squeezed my eyes shut so tightly I began to see stars. I was bracing myself for his next hit when I heard the door swing open. My blood was rushing hot through my body, and my breathing was deep and fast. An unfamiliar steady, but tired voice spoke.
“Get out.”
“Who the hell are you?” The way-too familiar voice of a boy I used to know slurred back at the voice who just came through the door. “Let me handle my business and nobody gets hur-“ I flinched. But before Tim was able to finish his sentence, I heard a fist collide with a cheek, then a whimper. The door shut, it was dark again. I didn’t move. I heard footsteps nearing my body sprawled out on the floor. The figure laid down next to me. We just laid there for a moment. Everything was silent, but mine and his breathing in sync. All of a sudden, a warm, calm hand grasped mine. No words were spoken, but I knew this person was going to make everything okay. I didn’t know who this was, but I didn’t care right now. I needed somebody. I turned my body toward the figure and nestled my nose into his chest. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed to top of my head.
“Hang in there, princess.” The unfamiliar voice whispered. I had this feeling that everything was going to be right again. I was saved. I fell asleep that way.

Blue sky don’t cry, white clouds stay around. The bees will buzz just because, and I finally found you.